Air Amplifiers: Case studies

June 2014

One of the leading pharmaceutical companies uses model 902XSS Stainless Steel Transvectors to weigh sort drug capsules after filling. The precise suction lifts away only those capsules that failed the filling process, while the heavier, filled pieces move on to packaging.

May 2014

Each welding station at a wrought iron furniture assembly plant is equipped with model 904 Transvectors to ventilate smoke and fumes.

October 2013

A facility producing plastic body side moldings for the automotive industry increased production by installing two model 903 Transvector air amplifiers - one to remove moisture after a water bath, and the second to pull away edge trim for recycling.

October 2013

When the vacuum from an electric motor blower proved ineffective, a label manufacturer opted for the strong suction of a model 904 Round Transvector to pull away paper trim scrap from a die cutting operation.