Personal Air Conditioners

Personal Worker Comfort in Hot or Cold Environments

Workers in extreme temperatures wear Personal Air Conditioners (PACs) to minimize heat stress and fatigue and improve comfort and productivity. Vortec PACs have two components:

  • a cooling/heating tube with belt that generates cold (or hot) air to provide air flow to the worker;
  • a diffuse air vest through which the cold/hot air flows to cool the worker's torso and neck.


  • Provide continuous, consistent cooling, unlike ice or gel packs
  • Easy temperature adjustment by user, even with gloved hands
  • Three cooling capacities available; one model has both heating and cooling capability
  • All PAC models are supplied with an adjustable waist belt and an Industrial Interchange style quick connect for attachment to the compressed air supply
  • Air is delivered at up to +/- 60° F differential from the compressed air inlet
  • Can be worn under other protective clothing
  • Three vest sizes available to fit all workers, plus a vest extension for varying sizes
  • Vest is impermeable to sweat, dirt and other contaminants; easily cleaned
  • Collar unfolds to deliver air to the neck and face
  • Vest allows full range of motion with no airflow restrictions
  • Vest collar unfolds to deliver air flow to neck and face
  • Vest is non-flammable; material conforms to MIL-C-43006F type 2


  • Improves worker safety
  • Eliminates the incidence of worker heat stress
  • Reduces non-productive cooling and warming work breaks
  • Maximizes worker productivity and comfort in extreme temperatures
  • Eliminates the need to air condition large warehouse or shop areas