Personal Air Conditioners: Case studies

August 2020

A Texas company specializing in welding repairs inside large storage tanks has been using ITW Vortec Personal Air Conditioners for the last 10 years.

July 2020

Leading manufacturers of welding hoods, respirators and breathing apparatus incorporate ITW Vortec Personal Air Conditioners into their products as a cooling option.

May 2020

Workers stationed near an oven in a powder coating facility scrapped their "gel pack" type vests and opted for the ajustable cooling of PAC's.

April 2020

Unbearable summer heat in a metal plating and finishing facility prompted the owner to equip his workers with model 22815 PAC's.

October 2019

A forging plant reported more than 30% increase in productivity using model 22825 PAC's with vests, eliminating an average of four daily cool-down periods for their workers.