Air Nozzles: Case studies

January 2014

Styrofoam cups were being ejected from molds with continuous air from a blower motor until bearing replacements and ongoing maintenance proved too costly. The precise and instant airflow from model 1201 Nozzles, set up in an on/off cycling, became the maintenance-free solution.

December 2013

After a die-punching step, an injection molder of plastic gas cans uses the powerful thrust of a model 901D Transvector Jet to knock out the slug which creates the molded-in handle.

November 2013

Compressed air through open copper tubes was the method being used by a wood slotwall manufacturer to clean each slot of excessive sawdust, until an OSHA inspection resulted in a noise violation. The company replaced the tubes with quiet model 1201 Nozzles reducing noise and air consumption.

August 2013

A company-wide conversion from open tube blowoffs to ITW Vortec Nozzles and Jets at the largest US producer of aluminium cans resulted in impressive compressed air savings.

August 2013

A Canadian facility machining aluminium extrusions reconfigured their automated lathe with model 1204 Nozzles. The flexible hose mounting of the nozzles allowed them to easily reposition the blowoff to accomodate varying sizes of extrusion.