Vortex Cooler Enclosure Coolers Nema 12, 4, 4X: Case studies

March 2015

For a company that deals with the treatment of sewage sludge, Vortex Coolers were successfully used to cool and pressurize the control panels of the machines. Stainless steel Vortex Conditioners have made it possible to prevent corrosion and oxidation due to sulfuric gases released during the treatment process.

June 2014

A major snack foods company uses ITW Vortec Vortex Coolers on the control cabinets on all of their baking ovens to prevent heat-related shutdowns. Compact, easy to install Vortex Coolers are popular for enclosure protection on industrial ovens and heat finishing/processing systems and equipment.

June 2014

ITW Vortec Vortex Coolers are offered as a thermal management solution by leading electrical enclosure fabricators and control panel designers.

February 2014

One of the leading US manufacturers of shrink-wrap packaging equipment uses Vortex Coolers to maintain safe temperatures in control panels near heated shrink tunnels.

January 2014

ITW Vortec Vortex Coolers were installed on computer control panels on three robotic welding stations in an automotive assembly plant. The cooling solution purged the panels of dirty welding fumes and high ambient temperatures that were causing computer malfunctions.