Vortex Tubes: Case studies

November 2014

An industry for the processing of paper has replaced a system of traditional cooling with a Vortex tube 308BSP to cool a cutting blade that rotates at about 5000 revolutions per minute. With this solution applied to the cutter housing, the customer has eliminated the problems of overheating. In addition the blade is cleaned thanks to the flow of cold air and the costs have been reduced by 70%.

June 2014

One of the largest producers of air conditioning compressors cools the exterior shell of its units after a baked on painting process with model 308-35-H Vortex Tubes mounted on a cooling enclosure.

December 2013

The manufacturer of form, fill and seal packaging equipment uses model 106-8-H Vortex Tube to keep sealing bar clamp shield temperatures below 150 °F. Excessive clamp shield heat would inadvertenly melt film adjacent to the seal and cause marred wrap or a defective package.

September 2013

Plastic injection and blow molders increase their production rates by using Vortex Tubes to speed the cooling of molded areas, especially those to be machined.

August 2013

A worldwide manufacturer of finishing equipment for the printing industry incorporates Vortex Tubes as a cooling device for slitter blades.